World News Tomorrow – World at war

The Indian – Pakistani border conflict is escalating further as according to sources heavier weapons are used to respond to attacks from the other side.

According to Pakistani Defense Minister Khawaja Mohammad Asif the situation could degrade further with catastrophic consequences for the region.

The Kasmir region that is divided in two parts, each part being ruled by respectively Pakistan and India. Both countries lay claim on the territory but for a long period of time it remained relatively calm.

World News Tomorrow india-pakistan-border-conflict-map
World News Tomorrow india-pakistan-border-conflict-map

The conflict is currently spiraling out of control as people are killed on both sides on an almost daily basis. Military response seems to become more agressive. Sources report the use of anti-tank guided missiles. Pakistan claimes that India is using artillery to respond to the attacks.

It is clear that the cease fire agreed upon in 2003 is coming to an end and the conflict is close to turn into war. India is currently suffering from chaos as the financial markets are under heavy pressure due to severe changes monetary changes.

By Editor in Chief