WORLD NEWS TOMORROW | WNT NEWS: Internet abuse in South Africa has become the next generation crime  that  has effected the main stream media flow to international regions.

The Internet Solutions in South Africa has imposed a throttling on the internet cables used to international regions since January 2012 this year coursing the slowdown of information access to international main streams. It has particularity effected the upcoming companies on internet trade depended on international exports and sale via the internet from South Africa.

The industry of internet providers of South Africa went a step further to charge their consumers a fee to get un-throttled making huge illegal revenue from the consumers in an unethical and possibly criminal manner. This, according to some law experts seems to be in contradiction of the consumers protection act 68 of 2008 that was official implemented last year in July. So far no consumers have lodged any claims in terms of this act.

World News Tomorrow spoke to the Freedom Front Plus who said the matter is under investigation. When contacting Mweb South Africa, they told WNT News that they have stopped the throttling on their internet serves to customers, however, after WNT’s investigation it showed that this is not the case.

The international cables from South Africa mainly owned by SeaCom is funded by the international financing corporations that leaves questions about their involvement to this. Although no official internationall IP laws were as yet formed by the EU, most countries around the world and their service providers have accepted the norm that the deliberate slowing down of internet streaming cables are illegal. Imagine slowing down your phone cable during an emergency call ? Well, that’s the effect on mainstream media.

Is that honest and ethical ?

Recently Blackberry were under scrutiny for considering throttling the services  rendered to their customers. Its like buying  a cake but get only half of what you pay for if you eat it to quickly.  An then you get charged more for the remaining half  if you eat to fast.

Surprisingly the local internet systems are not throttled and runs on full speed within South Africa.  It raises questions whether the media mainstream are perhaps deliberately cut down by the throttling  imposed on their services in  order to slow down the delivering of media to the outer world from South Africa and what took government so long to respond if any responds at all  ?

Another question that were raised during the investigation is whether the Black Empowerment  (BEE) companies are playing a role in this and what is their role if they do. The majority of Internet service providers are white owned companies in South Africa. After further investigation it was found that the BEE companies plays a major role in the ownerships and access to the international cables of Seacom.

The freedom of media in South Africa has been under threat for some time and several deliberate attempts were made by the ANC to silence the voice of the media through new legislation policies implemented in the name of political correctness.

The question remains, “” Is the throttling of internet a political attempt to silence main stream media to the outer world from South Africa ” ?

Exclusive for World News Tomorrow by Kevin Whiteboy 

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