WORLD NEWS TOMORROW – SOUTH AFRICA -During 2009/2010 a total of 2 121 887 (approximately 2,1 million) serious crime cases were registered in the RSA. Figure 1 illustrates the proportional contribution of each of the above broad crime types to the total crime picture in South Africa.

Of the approximately 2,1 million cases, roughly a third (31,9%) were robbery and contact crimes, 26,1% were theft -related crimes, 25,5% were other serious crimes and 10,0% and 6,5% were crimes detected as a result of police action and contact-related crimes respectively (more information on the specific proportions will be provided in each section dealing with the types of crime in question).

Approximately 13700 people were murdered and less than 100 sentences were issued.  The majority of the crime indicate that more than 91% of the victims were white afrikaners and more than 3% were europeans. From the 3700 farms murders that  took place only one was  african that seems to have been a random dispute case.

Over 500 000 women were raped and less than 1% of the criminals were sentenced to jail.

By Johnny Osbourne Africa