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WORLD NEWS TOMORROW US – After Super Tuesday we now know for sure, the next president of the United States will either be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. The gloves are off and the clash between the candidates promises to be severe. Will they put up an unforgettable show and what will the outcome mean for the US and the world?

November 8 is the election day and the race between both candidates and their parties will in many occasions overshadow American politics in between.
At this moment in time the polls indicate a nipt advantage for Hillary Clinton and many feel the outcome might already been set. Donald Trump however is not the usual candidate and has proven in many occasions to be a man of surprises. Putting up a show whenever he can and making this election memorable for it.
As we are still far away from election day, it is yet to be seen how things develop as still a lot can happen.

So, what does it mean for the rest of the world who becomes president? In many respects Donald Trump is a surprise. His language and sometimes harsh statements do affect his popularity. Like recent expressions about NATO being an outdated club has not contributed to his popularity in Europe. But many also believe that drastic measures must be taken to ensure safety and security in the world and Donald Trump might just be that man.
Donald Trump tells the voters he is the man of deals, a business man, he repeatedly states he will get the best deals for the United States when he becomes president. So freeing himself of the dogma of traditional republican campaining, he shows taking his own way and fills in his own agenda. His claim to review every deal that has been made in the past seem to be good campaining rhetoric but it could also mean big risks for companies and organizations doing business outside the US if those deals would suddenly change.

Hillary Clinton, as former minister of foreign affairs, has the experience in resolving issues with diplomacy, tact and is more moderate in her expressions. for instance with TTIP, rather then saying everything will be reviewed she states certain parts of TTIP can be reviewed.
Clinton seems to be more a person of alliances, treaties and has learned how to act upon events around her during her time as minister of foreign affairs. Experience that she can use when becoming the President of the United States.

So who will the voters chose and who will finally create enough trust amongst all parties? Is it the political more unexperienced but free thinking Donald Trump or will a more political experienced Hillary Clinton convince voters she is the “trust” to steer the future?

For the voters there seem to be two boats, both called “The President”, one holds the hope of a new future with severe changes but it is uncertain what course its captain will sail. The other one has an experienced but slightly conservative captain who knows how to handle what ever problems she faces. Which one will you climb on board to?

By the Editor in chief Wilfred van Schuppen

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