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World News Tomorrow  – Post Election News.

Former Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton speaks in public for the first time after she lost the race to the white house. At the Children’s Defense Fund’s “Beat The Odds” Gala on Wednesday night, she stated she wanted to stay home with a good book and the dogs and never leave the house again.

But life goes on she says and during her speech she expressed her disappointment in the results of the election and according to her the disappointment of many. She continued stating what she fought for and how she still would love to see America.

But America has chosen and the 100 Day plan of Donald Trump is soon to take off. This plan is 100% the opposite way of what Hillary Clinton would have wanted for America.

From her speech it was most obvious she and Donald Trump have more than just some differences. The loss for the Democratic Party has been devastating and they will need time to recover. Time Donald Trump will use to get his 100 day plan into action.

By Editor in Chief