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Just when you would think it is over, the US elections took a new turn when Dr Jill Stein, a former Green Party Presidential Candidate raises enough money to ask for a recount in the state of Wisconsin.

She has raised over $ 5 million to get the recount done and is seeking another $2 million to cover the legal fees that come with it. Now that the Hillary camp has joined the effort it might just conclude the additional funding.

It is unlikely that the counting will change the outcome but the consequences of this voting seem not to be aimed to alter the outcome but rather justifying the process of voting. Based on, according to dr Jill Stein, a lot of hacks surrounding the voting.

She also states that many of the voting machines are build in a way it is inviting hackers. Why would anyone not want to count the votes and to be sure it is counted accurately?
It is obvious that the Trump camp is having doubts about this action. In a reaction Donald Trump calls it a “Scam”. “A way for Jill Stein to fill her coffers with money” he said and she is abusing and challenging the already conceded elections.

But Jill Stein reacted by stating the money will go into a dedicated and segregated account that can only be used for this matter.

Trump’s reaction on Twitter, “The Green Party scam to fill up their coffers by asking for impossible recounts is now being joined by the badly defeated & demoralized Dems.”

Officials and experts are quick to react and state there is no evidence of hacking but other experts say that in the states where voting machines were used, Hillary Clinton mysteriously underperformed by up to 7%.

A democratic activist, John Bonifaz is driving this matter from the perspective that all voting issues leading to voting security should be addressed and not from the perspective it would change the result.

However many states do not conduct post-election audits where as Wisconsin and Pennsylvania did. It is again the question whether or not this will lead to any changes. Hopefully it will lead to better voting security and post-election testing.

By the Editor in Chief