WORLD NEWS TOMORROW – BRAKING NEWS -VATICAN CITY — The Vatican newspaper propaganda placing  doubt dismissing the notorious Harvard University’s claim that Jesus were Married.   A 4th century  authenticated Coptic papyrus fragment showed that some early Christians believed that Jesus was married. In the Jewish community this was well known till today however it once more provide questions about the underlined agenda of the Vatican by creating deceptions over the truth of religious positions and believes to the ignorant.

The Blind is blind one could say for all of mankind in a way. The L’Osservatore Romano published an article Thursday by leading Coptic expert Alberto Camplani. While praising Harvard scholar Karen King’s academic paper on the subject, Camplani cited concerns by colleagues about the impact this might have in the future and the fact that it was authenticated to be real.  Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous Last Supper also showed that Jesus were married in the presentation of the Woman on his right hand in the painting.

He also challenged King’s interpretation of what the fragment’s script means, if it was real however these manuscripts interpretations is based on the meaning and thus cannot be confused in any form or way by its interpreters or scholars. It seems that the entire Bible were interpreted by using the same methods so one should ask the questions why such a fuss on the truth ?

King sparked high interest last week when she delivered a paper at an international Coptic conference in Rome. She after said the fragment doesn’t prove that Jesus was married, just that some early Christians thought he was, however, then one should ask,  is all the information in the Bible then assumption of a truth rather than any form of truth ?

Exclusive for World News Tomorrow Rome -K. Brenan