WORLD NEWS TOMORROW – US hacker and Wikileaks volunteer Jacob Appelbaum warned of the growing threat of state surveillance, as Europe’s largest annual hacker meeting opened Thursday in Germany. About 6,000 programmers and “hacktivists” were meeting in Hamburg for the four-day Chaos Computer Club conference, focused on safeguarding civil rights and privacy in the information Relevant Products/Services age.

Appelbaum, a computer security Relevant Products/Services researcher for the non-profit Tor Project, warned that state security services are quickly building up their surveillance networks.One example was a large data Relevant Products/Services-mining center the US National Security Agency is building in the state of Utah, the 29-year-old activist said.

Appelbaum urged citizens to “resist the surveillance state” and rejected the notion that only people who have something to hide should fear government snooping and eavesdropping.He warned that the US data center “wants to spy on all of us,” calling such surveillance an attack on human dignity and a threat to democracy.

Appelbaum — a member of hacker collective Cult of the Dead Cow — helps run, which publishes free software that allows anonymous, encrypted communication Relevant Products/Services via the Internet.The 29th conference will hear 90 lectures — on topics from online security and censorship to copyright — at the event, held under the theme of “Not my department”.

The Chaos Computer Club, founded in Berlin in 1981 but mostly based in Hamburg since, is Europe’s largest association of hackers and calls itself “a galactic community of life forms.”Its members have in the past hacked the systems of Microsoft Relevant Products/Services, the German postal service and other companies and agencies to publicly demonstrate security flaws.

The group runs events, campaigns and publications dedicated to issues such as surveillance, privacy, freedom of information, hacktivism and data security.

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