WORLD NEWS TOMORROW – United Kingdom- According to the European Centre for Information Policy and Security (ECIPS),  corporate firms will face more cyber threats in the type 1 communications systems of our modern day till we have managed to get to the next stage of a type 2 cyber communications network.

The President of the ECIPS Baron Baretzky said  during a press conference that we need to develop a global cyber-police independently from standard law-enforcement agencies and implement new strategies since these kind of cyber crimes are on the raise. He said that cyber crime is exceedingly becoming more complex than ever before and that financial institutions are the largest at risk.

The President of the ECIPS warned and informed media that less than 5% of global corporations are truly protected against any cyber attack and this give grave concerns as to the stability of giant corporations that hosts huge amounts of data on private individuals cross-border.

He said that companies and large corporations must not wait for governments to implement a strategy, but rather invest in getting the right consulting advise to protect the interest of clients and their entity as a whole.

President Baretzky said that it is very possible that in the near  future, law-enforcement agencies and governments might implement a strategy to hold large corporation and their owners accountable for failing to take caution and secure their data of clients during any cyber attack. He said: “once Law-enforcement catches onto the idea that the corporation might have been negligent in such affair, then the wheel could turn rapidly”.

He urged corporations and companies not to ignore these cyber threats and its possibility towards its clients  ” It might come back and haunt the owners of large corporations ” he commented.

Exclusive for World News Tomorrow reporter for ECIPS Media- James Lee

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