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” Wir Schaffen das” (We’ll make it or perhaps we’ll manage?) was what Angela Merkel said in August 2015 for the first time, when the refugee crisis became a serious problem. Meaning that Germany would keep its borders open to help those fleeing the scene in Syria and find shelter in Germany.

She was loved and hated for it at the same time and as a reaction in Germany the “AfD” (Alternative for Germany) party focused their politics on Anti-immigration. Today in the German newspaper “Welt am Sontag” an official spokeswoman of the interior ministry expressed a new view on the refugee situation.

She stated “The elimination of the prospect of reaching Europe could convince migrants to avoid embarking on the life-threatening and costly journey in the first place,”
She added to it that Europe should be adopting the Australian style of refugee politics. This would mean that refugees who came to Europe by boat would be banned from ever being allowed into Europe.

Is this a radical planned change from German government? Are recent terror attacks in Germany pushing the government to new solutions? The ministry for which the spokeswoman acted is headed by Thomas de Maiziere, a member of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative party.

As in the Australian plan, it includes an anti dating option. Meaning it applies to refugees back to even years ago. The main idea obviously is to take away any hope of finding refuge in Europe which in turn removes the basis for people-smugglers to do their work endangering the life of refugees at sea.

People Smugglers convince people they smuggle by telling that governments will change their politics and they have no fear and will be accepted. According to the Australian government it is “a battle of the Will” and the signal of never being accepted is the strongest.

This signal from Germany is a radical change in politics as thus far Germany has been the one most open to help the refugees. But it is likely, as in Australia, this plan is to possibly support Europe’s envisioned border protection policies.
Across Europe, rules regulations and security measures are tightened. There is more border patrol in France and refugee camps are being dismantled.

Asylum politics are under constant scrutiny, more and more countries look for ways to stop the continuously streams of refugees. Fear for terrorism drives the opinion and according to experts, governments fail in recognizing and acting upon the fact that many of the terrorist attacks are done by people from within our communities.

By Editor in Chief
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