WORLD NEWS TOMORROW – Bruxelles Reports- Rwandan Genocide suspect, Charles Bandora, who was the vice chairperson of the ruling MRND in Bugesera, and instigated and implemented the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in which more than a million people were killed, entered Belgium on a forged passport from Malawi. Bandora contested an earlier ruling by Nyarugenge Intermediate Court that put him on remand, and admitted yesterday before the Higher Court that he had forged the document.

He entered Belgium under the false name of Charles Kamwana, as told to the court by prosecutor John Bosco Siboyintore, and when asked by the presiding judge, Julian Ndinda, he answered in the affirmative.” I am a businessman and I was arrested in Malawi due to issues related to my businesses. When I was released, I didn’t have a Malawian citizenship, yet I needed to travel to Belgium, so I forged a passport”. Faustin Nkusi, another prosecutor, also asked the court to deny Bandora bail, stating that he was running away from the long arm of justice but the high court are yet to pronounce itself on Bandora’s bail appeal on Thursday.

The President of the European Centre for Information Policy and Security (ECIPS) London, Ricardo Baretzky, said that this shows a vulnerability leak and that its necessary for the EU to do a vulnerability assessment of how to it could be possible for a wanted genocide terrorist to pass passport control and how this could could be possible in the first place. He said in an interview with World News Tomorrow that the possibility of this being one of many should be investigated and that the security vulnerability is a very real and possible threat to EU security and  should not be undermined by EU authorities. He urged the EU to step up their security policies as a matter of urgency to protect EU, especially Belgium from possible abuse by wanted criminals and terrorist.

This Rwandan genocide terrorist, so far managing to flee into the EU un noticed, is accused of genocide, conspiracy to commit genocide, complicity in genocide, extermination as a crime against humanity, murder and formation of a criminal gang, and if released by court will most certainly flee justice again. He already fled from Malawi into Belgium, and after he was detained there and granted bail, he fled to Norway. This leads to many more questions, as to how such an international fugitive can enter the EU without further scrutiny, and continue to be one step ahead of the authorities.

Exclusive for World News Tomorrow by Mike Jones

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