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While North Korea is asking for attention by firing its missiles, others are invited at the party as guests. Many important economic topics are discussed at this annual G20 top which is held for the first time in China. Urged by the Chinese president Xi to avoid “empty talk”, many important economical topics rule the agenda and it is a live chess board for those who follow world politics.

After a missile firing from a submarine last month, The missile firing during the G20 top has lead to hefty reactions from China, an ally of North Korea. Also the UN has clearly condemned the action. These actions show that economy are not the top priority on everybody’s mind.

PM May expresses again that “Brexit means Brexit” clearly stating that it is an irrivirsable fact and undeniably supporting the “leavers camp”. As president Obama clearly shows he is no where happy with the Brexit he also states that the UK is an important partner. Despite this fact president Obama will give priority to his EU partners because of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

Meanwhile PM Theresa May will discuss her concerns with president Xi concerning Chinese involvement of the Hinkley Point C power project. These concerns might very well lead to some frost on the diplomatic line with China. Earlier statement in China’s official news agency mentioned “china-phobia” on the postponement of the new plant. A project of £ 18bn that prime minister May has to decide upon soon. This reaction followed on a article from Theresa May’s political advisor Nick Timothy, opposing the People’s Republic of China being involved in sensitive sectors. China’s involvement is good for one third of the investment. China’s involvement in the project is based on forecasted powershortage in the UK as from 2025.

Important side topics like Syria, the developments in Turkey and East Ukraine are definitely discussed in more one on one meetings. The development of global terrorism is a main topic between the lines as it poses serious threats to the development of the global economy. This last topic might also lead to the question whether or not building any nuclear facility these days is the answer to power? Should Japan’s earthquake nightmare adventure and the development of terrorism, that is unrecognisably different from terrorism in previous times, bring PM May to different thoughts altogether?

EU’s hunger for tax money is clearly a topic. European Commission president Jean-Claude Junker addresses the issue of hitting Apple with a bill of $11bn, solely aiming for the company to pay its taxes. He states this is based on laws and regulations, not at hitting the US.

Experts warned against high result expectancies of this G20. Most of the results will be met in one on one meetings. The outcome is likely be different from what could be expected. Global turmoil is upredictable and can lead to severe economical downfalls. Will this be foreseen?

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