WORLD NEWS TOMORROW | WNT NEWS  AFRICA:  False hope and promises to many in Africa has been made in the past by many political strategist in the hope of winning their election strategy. In a country where people barely can eat and where fresh water is almost non existent such as  Sierra Leoneans where false promises are made that influences the week of mind, especially that of women which it said to constitute  more than 50% of the country’s population. From darkest Africa to  Wildest West Africa, have we  simply went to far to educate some in the first degree of crime ?

The Sierra Leone Peoples Party SLPP says it has planned (note past tense of speech) to put certain measures in place to “empower women economically and give them voice to advocate for themselves and participate in decision-making process.”  These “Weasel”  words people have to end people. It has not been said exactly what these decision making would be as they might not even exist according to some experts. So Empower to be empowered is the African” Moto”  Thus empower me to empower you.

Brig. Julius Maada Bio (rtd), at the launch of his manifesto development process on Tuesday 17th July at the Bank Complex that his administration would embark on establishing and strengthening institutions for the implementation of the enacted gender bills; establish a special Gender Empowerment Fund to provide capacity building and financial support to female entrepreneurs and increase their participation in the private sector; reform local laws with a view to increase the participation of women in local politics; develop the capacity of and provide financial support to women engaged in agriculture; and offer free education for female students and trainees at all levels.

“Have they lost their mind ?“, With a country that needs to build hospitals, schools and education they speak of eduction as if falls from heaven or so it is perceived to be.

These false promises made by the Prophets of doom promising  free education to female students and trainees at all levels by the SLPP should be questioned as they leave a few loopholes in this promises hoping to win the  upcoming election. Where are they going to get the funds from and where is the new schools and colleges to facilitate this ? Are they dreaming are simply still in dark ages of  darkest Africa ?

National Youth Coalition NYC president, Ishmael Al- Sankoh Conteh, said the plan is highly welcomed as giving free education to female students will help to improve the country’s economy. This comes whilst the African Union just released a press release confirming that they will send more young underage men troops into the DRC to fight war with more war last  Monday.

Some seems to want to “empower” everything from Brown Beans to Politics of the Highest order, but who is to pay for all this Empowerment strategies of the African psychotics and genocide ? Some claims that this “Free Education” is to help inspiring the country to grow like other foreign countries in terms of development. Do they know that people in foreign countries actually works from 5 am to 10 Pm at night ? Perhaps not.

According to the SLPP, the initiative will also help more women that want to be educated to get education and be incapacitated to be self-reliant and have the opportunity to take active part in politics. Is woman then always responsible for doing “THE JOB” 

Either way it seems that in Africa, men only get empowered when their woman does the “Job ”

 Exclusive for world news tomorrow by Larry Jones USA



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