The third and final debate between presidential candidates took place and it is clear that both candidates are about as far away imaginable on almost any topic.

Starting with the Supreme Court both candidates were asked how they would see the future role of the Supreme Court and what type of judges would be appointed. Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton had detailed ideas where Mr. Trump quickly turned the discussion towards the second amendment: Firearms.

Presidential Candidate Donald TRump has the NRA and Gun lobbyists’ behind his campaign and with the millions of dollars funding his campaign it is clear where he stands. Hillary Clinton stated she is not against it but wants more regulatory changes to prevent the thousands of killings because of the loopholes that are currently in the system.

When speaking about abortion and especially the case of a woman that has to choose between her life or ending her pregnancy in the last month both candidates fired up and were completely opposed. Hillary Clinton fighting for the right to decide as a family to end pregnancy saving your own life as a women or have it regulated by the court and ruling any option towards abortion out according to Donald Trump.

The discussion quickly turned towards immigrants and the Mexican wall. Donald Trump wants the wall and is in favor of deporting 15 million undocumented people out of the US and close the US for the future. Hillary Clinton pointed out that this is factual impossible to orchestre without ripping the country apart. Adding to it that Donald Trump did not dare touching the subject in front of the Mexican President.

Donald Trump stated that Hillary is in favor of open borders and does not care for the safety of the American people. When asked about her speach she gave to a Brazilian bank about her dream of open trade and open borders she answered this was merely about energy

The differences in opion on matters went worse as Hillary Clinton brought up that Russia has tried to severely influence the US elections with Mr. Trump as his puppet. She asked Mr. Trump tp being to admit the Russians are doing this and to admit he will not allow the help of Mr. Putin to win the elections and rejects Russian espionage against the US, he stated Mr. Putin has outsmarted Hillary every time and has no respect for her.


The discussion then turned to nuclear arms. According to Mr. Trump a fact that Russia has expanded their Nuclear capacity even renewing nuclear arms whilst the US couldn’t, and trhe US let them. The discussion heated up a little more as Donald Trump stated Hillary has no idea about who is spying on the US where Hillary simply replied that she has faith in the opinion formed by 17 different agencies in the US.

Both candidates are having total opposite plans in terms of economy, defense, national and international policies and on almost every imaginable topic neither of them can find common grounds. Strongly opposing and attacking one another on these topics created on moments an almost hostile atmosphere.

His plan to save the economy however both candidates have again opposing ideas and it was stated that Donald Trump’s plan doesn’t add up and will create a loss of over 3 million jobs. When asking to defend himself on this matter Donald Trump is clear on the fact he wishes America to be more productive rather then accepting the products pouring in from India and China. He feels the last job-report, the lowest thus far, is a sign supporting his way in wanting to change the business of the US around.

Hillary Clinton’s plan should raise a further 10 million jobs but according to Mr. Trump this will be accompanied by severe tax raises.

The fight went on. From the Clinton foundation, which according to Mr Trump is a criminal organization to Donald Trump’s foundation being used to settle lawsuits, Hillary showed Mr. Trumps character that according to her is troubling as he feels everything is rigged when it is against him.

On the Topics of Syria and president Assad to Mosul and Irak Donald Trump marked his point that due to bas US leadership in the past we ended up with the mess today. Now President Assad is aligned with Russia and Iran and according to him we will end up worse. The no fly zones that are proposed by Hillary Clinton are according to her necessary to save lives. Donald Trump attacked her on that part by stating that during earlier cease fire agreements Russia took advantage in occupying more terrain. According to him again an example of bad leadership adding to it this might push the US into a full scale war.

Hillary Clinton was clear that things aren’t as simple as Donald Trump sees them because cease fires and no fly zones do not just fall from the sky. These treaties are well negotiated with all parties before being put in place.

Obama care and social security was a hot topic. Both plans of the presidential candidates show either way Obama Care trust funds will run out of money in 2020’s and neither of the plans of the candidates will stop this from happening.

Again both candidates have complete different ideas about this. According to Hillary Clinton Obama Care is a good thing ans she wants to create the necessary money by restructuring from the center out. Meaning paid by the wealthy and the big corporations.

Donald Trump could not be more opposed as according to him Obama Care is a bad plan and must be terminated.

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