World News Tomorrow – Global conflict

Almost 20 people, mainly civilians, have lost their lives in the Indian – Pakistani border conflict in the past two weeks. The escalation of the long existing Kashmiri border conflict has caused a tension build-up with the fear it will spiral out of control.

World News Tomorrow india-pakistan-border-conflict-map
World News Tomorrow india-pakistan-border-conflict-map

A peace activist group working for a better understanding between the Indian Kashmiri and the Pakistani Muslim Kashmiri is very concerned about the consequences of the cross border shooting and shelling between both the Indian and Pakistani army.

The dispute between the nuclear Super Powers about the Kashmiri region go back to 1947 when the English ended their rule in India and left some arbitrarily drawn borders. The following video gives a brief and understandable explanation on the situation as to the history of the conflict.

Both countries have proven in the past, despite cease fire agreements, the willingness to fight or defend the current existing situation. China has strategically placed itself to whatch over the border streching out alongside the Kashmiri region. The very foundation of the conflict here is about historical ruling and religion.

World News Tomorrow simular-conflict-india-iraq
World News Tomorrow simular-conflict-india-iraq

Another badly escalated event with religion and historical ruling as its deepest cause, is taking place roughly 3.000 km in an almost straight line to the west. There, in northern Iraq, it is the scene of a war about the city of Mosul and its surrounding areas.

With the Western aim to aid at the time, it seems the catalyses of both hotzones is the historical Western intervention.

The question now is will the rising tensions in Kashmir region and the war taking place in Northern Iraq and Syria cause a chain reaction leading to a bigger war?

Walter Ivasc for World News Tomorrow.