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Donald Trump declared Hillary Clinton unfit for office and praises FBI on reopening the investigation on the email scandals. 11 days before the final election day this is a timing with a crunchy edge.

Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton has stated today that she is “Confident” over the outcome of this news investigation and it will not change the outcome of earlier conclusion as stated by the Benghazi Commitee on June 28th this year.hillary-clinton

This goes back to the time Hillary Clinton was US Secratary of State and had 2 email addresses. One official and one personal mail address with a private server. Supposedly no one knew about htis server that was installed in the basement of here house.

The issue here was that some emails actually passed through here private email server and some of them could have contained classified information. This is what the scandal was all about and is used for during the elections

Now the cause for looking into this is the fact that in 2012 a Diplomatic outpost and CIA facility in Benghazi Lybya is attacked causing 4 american people, amongst which U.S. ambassador Christopher Stevens, to die. Correspondance was discovered in later reviewing of the attacks, between governement accounts and her private account. A comprehensive explanation about this can be found here.

The email messages were fully made public in February 2015. The FBI opens the investigation in Juliy 2015 and the Benghazi Committee finally concluded in June 28 to have found no evidence of wrong doing by Hillary Clinton.

However, on the 29th of October an internal FBI Memo was disclosed by Fox News stating the fact the FBI sent a letter to congress in relation to Hillary Clinton about emails being found in an unrelated case.

The timing of this news is remarkable and the fact that the FBI blows an investigation into the open by informing congress is unprecedented. Commey’s letter stating that the FBI is trying to strike that balance between openly stating a renewed investigation on a Presidential Candidate and the fact he feels the need to inform the American People after he repeatedly stated the investigation being closed.

This development looks to be bringing the elections into a new perspective without actually adding anything factually new to it. The message does not state any evidence of wrong doing but simply summing up the factual truth of the Director of the FBI, James Comey, being straight forward about the FBI looking into new material.

In Manchester New Hampshire, Presidential Candidate Donald Trump was eager to state that the FBI was ” reopening the case to her illegal and criminal conduct that threatens the
security of United States of America”,hillary-email-gate-renewed-29102016-fw

“We must never let her take her criminal scheme into the Oval Office”. He went on saying “He has great respect that the FBI and the department of Justice are now willing to have the courage to write the horrible mistake that they made.”

The question here is whether this new development is evidence of wrongdoing from FBI and the Justice Department in the concluded investigation previously held against Hillary Clinton? The letter sent to Congress by James Comey, just states they are looking into newly found material.

you could argue that there must be a relevance for the FBI to come forward as they might already know there is some evidence found. But one must not forget there is at this point no criminal charge of any kind and the FBI did not state there is any evidence found of wrongdoing. The letter updates the American People of the FBI’s thoroughness.

Donald Trump however has its own ideas about this development “The FBI would not have reopened this case at this time unless it were a most egregious offense,” Trump argued.

Even though the FBI has not said it is formally reopening the investigation into Clinton’s email server. “I’ve had a lot of words about the FBI lately, but I give them great credit for having the courage to right this horrible wrong.”

Didn’t Donald Trump stated many things without the lack of proof to back it up? This message may actually level the playing field for both candidates. With only 10 days to go for the the elections we can only guess what the outcome will be of this renewed investigation.

By Editor in Chief