WORLD NEWS TOMORROW- USA , New York – A recent investigation by the Counter Intelligence Agency Asian Desk concluded that diamonds graded around the world might not be what they propose to be. Most people when getting married, will buy a diamond and its common by Asians to buy an eX eX eX diamonds. meaning excellent excellent excellent also known as a triple X. Now it was found that there is a flaw in the industrial celebration of these machines by the diamond industry.

For example, most diamonds is sold with a Calibration of the optical grading machine to determine the properties and the quality cuts that results in a triple eX grading or not. These machines is sold to laboratories, diamond manufacturers and retailers to grade the diamonds when a consumer buys the diamond. When calibrating these machines a master stone is normally used that should comply with ISO 17025 and CIBJO blue book standards, however this is where the twist of fate come into play,

After a closer investigation by Wold News Tomorrow investigation team it was discovered that these machines are sold and left to be celebrated by the buyers and not the manufacturer and that it was said that every lab have their own set of master stones whilst some uses a cubic zirconium as basic calibration without a ISO 17025 calibration certification.

This leave it open to a whole new set of fraudulent activities within the diamond industry. For example. If the diamond dealer want to have a tipple -X on his diamond certificate all he has to do is to calibrate his machine accordingly by using a diamond with lesser properties and tell the machine to recognize it as a eX eX eX diamond. This meaning that the industrial system set out by CIBJO of the European Union is flawed and that the World Diamond Federation is not properly doing their job.

Within the USA and European Union this would be illegal and a punishable activity on both, the industrial machine manufacturer and the user punishable with up to a $5 Million fine or imprisonment for failing to comply with industrial machine celebration ISO standards and more importantly, the selling of such diamonds would be classified according and the FBI as a fraudulent activity within the USA making the whole sales chain of any such diamond fraudulent.

This, of-course, would increase the prices of diamonds as much as 20% to 25% and means more profit to the diamond industry. Perhaps this would explain the diamonds from Africa that are re-graded in Antwerp by the HRD ” Hooge Raad Voor Diamante” seems to come out two or even three grades less than before when graded in Africa, This would dramatically reduce the price of the same diamond and is by no question a fraudulent activity. The FBI recognized laboratory GCAL the only ISO 17025 approved Diamond and Gem Laboratory in the world has warned before of these fraudulent activities within the diamond industry, but it seems that the global authorities lacks the technology to find and combat this perpetuating fraud or so it seems.

Interesting finds are that this will constantly push up the diamond prices of lower grade diamonds as these “up-graded” diamonds are constantly sold for more then what they are worth to the public. This seems to explain why diamonds in South Africa cost an average of 25% more than the same diamond in Antwerp or Israel even though its is a product from South Africa.

By James Lee exclusive for World News Tomorrow USA, New York

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