World News Tomorrow – Brexit News.

The UK High Court ruled yesterday that the government does not have the power to trigger article 50 which may very well be the unexpected setback for the government and Prime Minister Theresa May.

The intention of Brexiting in March 2017 is now coming under pressure. If the parliament has a saying in the matter, delays can be expected.

The lead claimant in this case is Gina Miller who has created a new flow into this historic event. Fighting against the Brexit as it seems she has decided to take up arms with the aim to ensure the government cannot evoke article 50 without a “proper” debate in Parliament.
Will this new course of events in fact slow down the process? the vote for Brexit in the UK was clear and neither government or parliament could change that outcome.

Gina Miller, a London based investment Manager for SMC Private, felt the need as according to her the government plans cannot bypass the parliament by using Royal Prerogative. After the announcement of the High court she stated “the results today is about all of us, not about me or my team. It’s about our United Kingdom and all our futures”.

This change of course certainly puts new oil on the Brexit fire as Brexiteers and stay-camps are renewing their fights for what each believe to be the right decision. The matter of the court ruling on itself can be seen as a normal and legal course of action.

However the question remains whether, as stated by Gina Miller, it is about process and not politics. As both subjects here are deeply entangled. She continued her speech asking the government “not to appeal and have a proper debate in parliament”. But it may very likely not bring the sobriety she hopes for.

It might very well complicate matters further and create a delay in this very complex process. It remains to be seen whether her actions result in better decision making of Government and Parliament.

By Editor in Chief World News Tomorrow.