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Following on the murder of Darlene Horton, 64, killed in London on Wednesday night the 3rd  of August by a 19-year-old mentally troubled Norwegian of Somali heritage, the most recent terror event is the machete attack in Charleroi Belgium leaving 2 police officers wounded near the train station. The perpetrator was shot by a third officer and died of his injuries in the hospital.

Although the London attack was not terror related, according to the London police, it clearly shows that, in the light of all the events that occurred this year in Europe, people can not differentiate these events from one another any more. Recently a teenage prank in Spain caused a small stampede as people believed a terrorist attack was ongoing.

The London metropolitan police however does not wait for things to deteriorate and takes drastic measures to be able to respond to any threat that might come their way. Heavily armed counter terror policing forces are revealed, trained to deploy around the clock. Special motorcycles and boats are made available to get to any place in time. A first answer showing a clear and devoted willingness to confront the threats of terrorism.
Terrorist attacks not only take place in areas that are densely populated but take place,  targeting areas and places that will spread fear and hate. Whether or not these attack seem randomly executed, the terrorists use trucks, cars, bombs, automatic guns, knifes and axes to attack people in our society. So far the United Kingdom openly uses the words counter terrorism and puts it in practice as the first European country. This leads to the question why we do not see similar developments in the other European countries? Why does counter terrorism remains so low on the agenda of many countries?

In a broadcast on RT TV last two months ago, following the Orlando Massacre, President Ricardo Baretzky of ECIPS, stated that counter terrorism was brought in by the UN for several years but was removed from the training two years ago. “It is a big lack of training and it is eminent that it is brought back to the training for western allies.” He stated.

With the enormous numbers of refugees in Germany and the continuous threats in France and now Belgium it should become clear to any of the European member states that this problem of terrorism can not be addressed without the proper training and cooperation between states and agencies.

On November 16th 2015, in reaction to Friday’s 13th attacks in Paris the world leaders met at the G20 Summit in Antalya, Turkey, where terrorism was moved to the top agenda. President Obama and Russian leader Vladimir Putin talked about the issue face to face. It is not the first time that Putin has expressed his concerns about terrorism and he has stated this is a global issue that needs to be dealt with globally. Yet most European Member states do not seem to agree on the subject the same way.

This divided sentiment or should we say lack of acting on the subject of terrorism as a global threat, is maybe a consequence of how we globally seem to disagree on the status of the so called partners. A situation similar to that just a year or two before the second World War. As states did feel trouble was brewing, only few acted and those were the enemy’s of the west at that period in time.

Putin’s statements concerning fighting global terrorism together seems in line with Russia’s recent declaration in wanting to move closer to NATO but stands in shear contrast with the outcome of the last NATO summit in Warsaw where the conclusion was that Russia is the biggest threat. Adding on top of this EU’s newest problematic development, Turkey, it remains to be seen if Europe, sitting in between of all this, is remaining capable to effectively confronting its problems in both political and military way.

Will it produce an answer against terrorism and foreign threats or should we look for the right answer at the example of the UK and the Brexit now showing its new course in counter terrorism?

By the Editor in Chief.

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