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ITALY – Rome 07/21/2016.  Source RLS Communication Rimini.

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Close Europol! Yes you do a favor to the citizens! – European taxpayers, that invested money in security, the real one, perhaps entrusting it to national and local police forces who every day are faced with problems of crime in areas now no longer under the control of national and European institutions.
Close Europol! Which made scandalous statements about the facts of Nice and Wurtzburg!
Let’s start with telling why Nice and Wurtzbourg are in effect the results of webpolitics of ISIS bringing documentary proof that Europol, according to what they said, is mistaken.
the Nice massacre, claimed the lives of 84 people with over 120 injured happened on July 14, 2016, the day of the national French holiday, which primarily celebrates the “secular” state. This is the first pillar that ISIS challenges the West: secularism. ISIS argues that in Europe now there are millions of Muslims who come every day neglected, submissive, humiliated and not respected. ISIS in his lucid madness arrogates, therefore, the right to justice. The second pillar in the west that ISIS questions and criticizes is the descent into the field, at the front. In all videos claiming the attacks in Europe is shown in stages, alternating images of children massacred by Western bombs, with the dead of the massacres in Europe. AGC COMMUNICATION with Riccardo Mazzon director and author, Magnolia and Rough has produced two documentaries on international Islamic state, especially the latter, produced by Rough, explains exactly this point: go through the online images of ISIS: an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. In other words ISIS says, if you kill my “people” I will kill yours. Of course, the ulema (wise men of the Islamic State, 100 in total) allow ISIS to give a justification “sacred” citing suras of the Koran and adith (sayings) of scientists recognized by the Sunni world (which has nothing to do with ISIS) to justify their criminal actions.

So the message is clear: “we” ISIS we are right, they – that is the Europeans – are wrong. We return to the documentary evidence that Europol does not have: the latest video claim of Nice, (AGC has intercepted 3 with this, more press releases signing to A’maq, news agency of the Islamic State) of the 20th of July (in opening). It is a video of Nineveh production company, duration 7min and 19 seconds, which as usual begins with Hollande’s statement, planes bomb Iraq.

Then the Nice images, and even drivers who are about to take off and bomb. And more pictures of Nice with the dead in the street. Again Hollande makes statements to the nation. And yet he died in Nice. The second 049 is a frame that introduces the Nice bomber, images accompanied by a nasheed written specifically for the French and Belgian massacres, running from Charlie Ebdo up to today. At minute 1:19 they show images of a television interview that explains why there is terrorism in France making it back to the days of the facts of the Bataclan; Retail 1:44 came the images of the destruction caused by the bombing, accompanied by another  nasheed always in French, where it begins to threaten Europe directly. The protagonists of this song are the cubs (Child Soldiers of the Caliphate). In support of this song “heartbreaking” but addictive are the images of dead children, scarred, maimed, burned alive, still a result of bombs dropped from France.

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All this up to minute 2:29 where, finally, it shows two Executioner, both expressing themselves in French. They encourage other jihadis in France and in Europe to emulate the events in Nice by any means, targeting women and children. And among the threatened city over Paris, Marseille’s most likely birthplace of the young jihadist. The young Tunisian murderer of Nice, ISIS has never said he made ‘Bay’a’ (ie the oath of allegiance to Abu Bakr al Baghdadi), but said it is still a soldier of the Caliph, as it has been able to carry out to the letter what was said and recommended in Europe by the threat videos of ISIS send on line clear as of November 2014. Yes you read that right: ISIS threatening Europe, and France, in November 2014.

As for Wurtzburg (left) the situation is even more critical. The young seventeen year old Afghan,  Muhammad Riyadh, before taking axe and knife, shot with his mobile phone a video 15 hours before  the attack it was online subtitled in 4 languages: German, Arabic, French, English. And at a distance of 10 hours before the attack there was a press release of ISIS online claiming on all company used by ISIS, the ones we use for anything other than all of us.
How can Europol say that there are no links between the two attacks and ISIS? What they need to say is that Europe is in peril and that, unfortunately, ISIS has sleeper cells that are ready to intervene when necessary? He wants a call of al Baghdadi bombers?
Meanwhile the Caliph spend time in calling the European entity of The Hague, let’s see some brilliant statements from the Hague. We begin with the statement that it is “people with mental health problems.” Because according to Europol, mental illness, would increase the offensive potential of the aggressor into a “lone wolf.” Well in Nice, the French police arrested a number of people, considering them connected active part supporters. If we turn to call them as you once did, the attack: they are basically stopping the stairs network, the real and tangible, dell ‘ murderess, it also linked to  jihadists in the  environments of Nice; it is noted that it is the modus operandi that does damage the state of mind and has not so much to do what has made the network, just admit it to Europol level in Nice would mean to admit that you have not understood anything in these years of phenomenon. And this “is not good”, using more old-fashioned steps.
To refute Europol there are also psychiatric reports made about “lone wolves” over the years about Mohammed Merah, assassin of Toulouse and Montauban in 2012. In 2008, note well the ‘year’, the Algerian franc suicide attempts in prison were rightly subjected to psychiatric examination by the authorities; In the final report it is clearly written, in large letters and in journalistic terms, that man was not mentally ill. It can, yes, so to say that, be a choice of the “double agents” to counter the jihadist ideology which can have an aggravating effect on weak subjects, problematic, blackmail, and so on. But it has no influence on the choice of goals to attacks: the enemy countries and the categories of enemies to hit are indicated in the official statements of Daesh audio-video, and may be

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more “open” to the attack mode in and of itself (as opposed to al Qaeda). To give a concrete example, since Europol does not have them, there is the statement of Al Adnani “Die in your rage” of January 26, 2015 and then resumed in June that led to the killing of two French police officers, complete with affiliate, video, “stamps and stamps” that Europol has not yet.
still waiting for the call between Raqqa and the Hague, let’s go on with the thorny issue that unites Orlando and Nice: the disturbed sexuality of the two bombers would thus result in their mental state. Sexual habits are the result of choices and not of mental disease, moreover, it has to be said, but this norm must be added so that we throw another one on the table: the Koran, the relationship with other unfaithful men can be justified as “rape” of an “infidel”. Ergo does not need to follow some very specific rules of this topic. This must be added to the figure of “dissimulation” foreseen in the sacred text to enter the space of the infidels and always look less like a danger in “infidel” environment in which it lives and then to hit him heavily.
The posthumous declaration of allegiance is not an earlier part of operations of these “soldiers of the Caliphate” and has very little effects on the cause of their statements they share.
the Europol analysis also connects the mental problems of the protagonists of the recent attacks to those of foreign fighters thus altering reality of things and of the two categories. A foreign fighter has other problems, such as OSINT-Socmint team Agc Communication wrote in our second book of Daesh upcoming: “loss of contact with the real world, desensitization, lack of empathy with people who do not belong to their world and so on”
Scientific Open source data which apparently Europol does not have. Why can it be they state such commonality? One can assume a complete lack by the EU of a unique training and educational plan for the de-radicalization, for example.
Also, you can think about the political will of not wanting to sow panic and insecurity, and would account for unnecessarily alarms providing the public opinion to be made aware , this was once the possible risks and measures were taken by the authorities to block them and move them away.
And it is the public that pays taxes, across Europe, with which indirectly, these structures are kept, and they do not deserve to be taken by the nose by them, in the face of similar massacres in the history of the “no crowds control “, the crazy man possessed by God-Allah “which moves can not be predicted . The dots to be joined to get a picture to be given to politics, European and national public opinion, there are all; after the 911 in the US he is said that he was not able to do a simple operation “connecting the dots” to get the full picture. We would not have to witness new massacres in order to do well in Europe. Meanwhile, from Raqqa still no one called The Hague, probably lines are interrupted by the bombing …

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