NEWS- BREAKING NEWS: The European Centre for Information Policy and Security ECIPS announced yesterday that it would be making a proposal of an International Non Proliferation Cyber Treaty designated for signature later this year between several International Organizations whom already are on board.

This comes after the discovery of a Malware found last month that was uploaded to VirusTotal in the beginning of February that bears all the hallmarks of the Italian security software outfit supplied by the Haking Team using covert computer cracking and surveillance tools sold to governments worldwide via its illegal stream of public sales to private corporations and governments outside the European Union. Law experts believe it is in contravention of the European Espionage Act to manufacture any tools that could be used to spy on citizens within the EU and USA.

The malware wasn’t detectable by any of the major antivirus scanners till last week and it is believed that the Galileo Trojan can be detected by less than 10 out of 56 antivirus software packages and services if detectable at all. According to some University Scientists, the possibility that there are only two or three measures to detect the Malware infiltration.

It comes at the same time when one of the agencies in the USA is jointly investigating a cyber case where a server was used in the USA to send similar spy emails with new roots of this malware originating from a Turkish firm. It is now believed according to Counter Intelligence agencies that the Hacking Team software might be used by the Turkish political wing to infiltrate the European Union’s federal network and it might already be too late according to cyber experts should this hypothesis be correct.

The question is why such Non-proliferation Cyber Treaty was not proposed by the European Commission since the Wikileaks string of evidence was leaked last year causing haddock within the security industry when many private companies were exposed to have bought the Hacking Team Software.

The President of the ECIPS  said that there are few reasons for this. One of them being that at least two autonomous international organizations recognized under Art. 2 of the Convention 24 April 1986 European Convention, the Recognition of the Legal Personality of international organization in public interests by law has to agree to such treaty should at least one government fail to participate in such non-proliferation cyber treaty as set out by the United Nations Security Council. Only then will the UN council be obliged to register such treaty as it must fall within the legal framework of international treaties. It’s unclear who the participating governments are in the proposal of the non-proliferation cyber treaty and most likely will only be announced on the last minute. Several officials said they would welcome such treaty as it’s long outstanding given the threat of terrorist organization who can use such tools by stealing the source code or legally buying it from developers.

The President Baretzky further said that manufacturing of these tools should be monitored by the European Government and should be for government  use and application only as surveillance of cyber crime is necessary but CyberNuc tools should not be in the hands of political organizations or private firms. No control measures will bring unwanted results that could just add to the ‘O” day scenario.

SentinelOne security researcher Pedro Vilaça published a technical analysis of the malware earlier this week.  The dropper code and comparing it with older samples and that they can’t spot many differences,” said Vilaça in his analysis of the malware. The malware developed by Hacking Team can be accurately dated as the code shows that it was last updated in October/November and the embedded encryption key is dated 16 October according to researcher Pedro Vilaça from SentinelOne security

Mr. John Matherly, the programmer behind Shodan search engine, which collects data on open network ports, indicates that the malware’s host was first seen on 15 October 2015, and that the last information was gathered on 4 February. Mr Vilaça said in his comments to the issue of the update: “I just found some unique code in this dropper. This code checks for newer OS X versions and does not exist in the [July 2015] leaked source code.

Counter Terrorist  agents who was interviewed by WNT news questioned  also the possibility and raised the question if the terrorist organizations such as ISIS, better known as ISEL  could be using the malware code maintaining and updating the Hacking Team’s code or is this is indeed a legit sample compiled by Hacking Team themselves ?

It sends an alarming signal to governments that controlled manufacturing of Cyber Doomsday Tools could come a a huge price whilst some developers are seeking only the personal vested interest of their capital gains in the process.

Either way, the Hacking team has a lot to explain and it’s almost certain that a non-proliferation cyber treaty will be signed soon to prevent a cyber doomsday by cyber nuclear tools developed without legal control by European Governments. Experts strongly believe that Hacking Team is behind this new Mac OS malware because of the way it is coded.

It is speculated that the issue has been brought to the attention of the Unite States Congress yesterday and that an international investigation is imminent as such tools also poses a threat to the US and its allies.

By James Lee for World News Exclusively

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