WORLD NEWS TOMORROW – BRUXELLES  – The President of European Centre for Information Policy and Security (ECIPS), Ricardo Baretzky has issued an alarm warning  and condemned  the Anti-Semitic attack where a  gunman opened fire at the Jewish Museum in Brussels on Saturday before the European election. He said that this could spark serious consequences and urged the European authorities not to undermine this event.

Three people were killed in the attack in the capital on Saturday, with a fourth person reported to have died in hospital soon thereafter. A man who was detained by police shortly after the shootings  was released without charges.  A manhunt has been launched for a different suspect but so far the Authorities has failed to get arrest anybody.

The President of ECIPS said that we should root out racisms and that it is time for religious parties to stop playing politics. He said that social networks makes news travel faster than the speed of light and that this should be classified as a ‘Terrorist Attack”  and that this pre election attack  has all the footprints of  a terrorist rather than a Gun man attack.


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