WORLD NEWS – GAZA- Reports – The President of ECIPS Ricardo Baretzky warned that Political Leaders should pay attention to their provocative political speeches that can lead to incitement by inducing a possible outbreak of a ” Global Holy War ” in the very near future that are neither based on personal or secular beliefs.

Baretzky said that, the recent provocative statements on the blame game in respect of Gaza in the growing Israeli epidemic, has the potential to dump the world into a “Third World War”, unlike we have ever seen or imagined. ” Provocative civilian killing, war and blame games, are not the solution” he said.

Baretzky commented and said that a unilateral ceasefire is a one sided demand and will only spark more criticism. He urged the UN to get proper objective counsel in this matter and called for the UN to establish an independent panel as a matter of urgency.

He further said that ” the people of the world are no longer uninformed of the matters in the world particular of the present Israel and Palestine gaming, given that it has reached a global tipping point of no return that affects us all “. It is estimated that one out of every five people in the world is Muslim and followers of the Quran. Some Intelligence Analysts believe that the threat of a Holy War is a very real and possible threat to global stabilization.

The President of ECIPS called for world leaders to come to their senses before it is too late and urged the “Bench Sitters” to step in and do the “Right Thing” . Harsh words but real as it can get. The United Nation’s official report issued beginning of 2014 indicated that the world population stands at 7 Billion at present with more than 1 Billion living in poverty with no water, food and shelter. Is this the world we are creating for the next generation Z to inherit ?

By ECIPS Press / Media relations department.

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