NEWS – Law makers responded to the comments made by Europol’s director Rob Wainwright that people are ok with EUROPOL snooping on public private phone calls by saying that it’s a sign of desperation and could have dire consequences as the purpose of law enforcement is to enforce the law, not to snoop data that has no value and above all in breach of several privacy laws within the EU.

The question is, why would one snoop phone calls in the first place and why would one want to have the public to except that it’s “ok”  to live without its privacy that could be reaching its own bedrooms ?

Some experts believe that certain data is target for exploitation use in the future and breeds a whole new type of problems of abuse of information that should be considered private. A good example is one that was given by an expert who was interviewed. He said that the using of certain information such as a wife and husband having personal problems in highly who is both in a sensitive job could be useful to blackmail one of the partners to spy on the other such as a husband to avoid a public exposure of their marriage problems providing information which could be of industrial use.

Security experts interviews said that it believes that much more exploitation could be the result if people’s privacy is totally invaded and in long term could pose a huge risk to the creators of the snooping in the first instance.  One of such risks is the risks of radicalization of people who would under normal circumstances never have been radicalized.  This could come with a complete new dimension of Security risks and aid to the exiting long term security risks of the EU according to glorified experts.

NY: For World News exclusively by James Lee.

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