World News Brussels: ECIPS has issued an EU Migration Alert from Horn of Africa and warns “Potential Boko Haram Invasion” is possible due to unprotected borders in Europe! This comes after a group of migrants stormed the holiday coast yesterday in Spain in broad daylight. The President Baretzky of ECIPS said. This is a huge risks and Brussels seems to sleep in a time where they should work together to strengthen our borders of the European Union.

Merkel maintains that it’s a good idea to invite migrants from cannibalistic backgrounds to make EU their home. President Baretzky said that this is ” Stupid and an Irresponsible act from EU leaders” not to pay attention whilst the risks increases day on day. Baretzky warned of global security risk of ISIS long before the rest of European Intelligence woke up and since many has lost their lives. President Baretzky said he is ready to run in election against the European Commission and keep accountable all those leaders should their strategy fail to protected the European Union by “Rule of Law” and international prosecution under the United Nations Charter and that their time is running out of luck!

The Pope said Diciotti migrants must be integrated – ‘only way’. Baretzky intervened and said this is religious ideology that threatens European Safety and European Values and its time the Pontifex realize its not 16th century Spanish Inquisition! Baretzky further said its a major provocation when a man of GoD can provoke such feelings in Africans to come to Europe and be integrated with unlawful migration and such vast cultural differences.

He warned that we Europe is running out of time to secure a strong military and a fearless police urgently needed to protect Europe from the coming invasion. Follow baretzky on twitter @diablofex

For WNTC Brussels.

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