WORLD NEWS TOMORROW- BREAKING NEWS- The European Centre for Information Policy and Security (ECIPS) issued an International STA  (Security Tension Alert) today. This comes after the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 were shot down in Ukraine by extremist.

The President of ECIPS, Mr. Ricardo Baretzky said that this incident could be the tipping point and could very easily been seen as a hostile position against the EU. He also emphasized that this could result into many complications in aiding the growing tension between the EU and Russia.

ECIPS  also called for the Malaysia Airlines to take responsibility since they were aware of the “Civilian Risks” in flying over a Internationally recognized warzone, and,  that the Malaysia Airlines should be accountable for changing flight rout in order to save costs.

The President of  ECIPS urged the European Union to step in and called for a stronger EU and warned that waiting to put out the fire before the house is burned down, could have many repercussions with stability on EU borders in the very near future and impair economical stability in certain regions.

The contravertional intelligence indicates that either way, the Boeing 777 were illegally shot down causing the death of 298 people and the crew. “This is not a act of war but an act of Terror”  the President of ECIPS said. ” We should seriously look at the way we phrase wording classify terrorism since this incident is not an act of war but rather an act of Terror “.

ECIPS said that it is following the situation very closely and offered to step in for conflict negations should the tensions not  be eased. The long term outlook of this incident could permanently harm the international relations from the west with Russia.

For World News by Kim Jones correspondence for the Blue House

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