World News – Breaking news London United Kingdom The President of ECIPS said late yesterday that the ECIPS is investigating several officials who made false allegations in official reports with attempt to derail the ECIPS policy and road-map.

A witness statement from an border official taken shortly after the World Border Congress in 2015 explain how the rumors were spread against the President of ECIPS in order to derail their participation in mitigating the migration crisis during public and closed debates.

It is believed that this could end up in a potential multidisciplinary hearing in accordance with article 2 of the ECIPS mandate which can directly hold such people responsible whilst many could be sued, potentially lose their jobs and fined if found guilty by an independent judge, should the ECIPS choose to appoint one.

The ECIPS said it’s too early to release further information as the investigation is ongoing against those who thought they could falsely accuse the office of the President and its appointed members.

It’s unclear what these allegations were, but reliable sources tell us that they falsely tried to accuse the President of ECIPS with Russian ties and these rumors caused him a huge reputational damages inside the information services community.

By Wanda Lee for World News.