BRUSSELS, Belgium – March 23, 2016 – PRLog — The President of the European Centre for Information Policy and Security said in a press release this morning that “We should unite Europe in solidarity since we owe it to the victims of yesterday’s Terror Attacks in Bruxelles.” The Terror Attack that took place on the 22 March left 31 people dead and more than 200 injured after two bombs exploded in the heart of Europe, the capital Bruxelles that shocked the nation of Europe.

During the Press statement, the President Ricardo Baretzky further said that we need to focus on solutions and now is the time to stop the “blame game”. We should proceed to inaugurate solutions without any delay or hesitation. He called on all the Ministers of Belgium to act on the solutions offered and not on issues that will deteriorate security any further.

Many experts agree that this is the right thing and that Solutions now is the key in the fight against terrorism within the EU. The President said further “We invite all parties to sit around the “avond” table as we all share a common interest in fighting the enemy and more important. We invite all Europeans to stand in solidarity as we are certain they will support all efforts made to bring together our nation, the nation of Europe as a whole”.

He said that we have seen, we have learned and together we shall stand in building a stronger Europe as a whole and one nation. The Hash tag UNITEEUROPE was set out by the ECIPS to encourage all European to support in unification. It is clear that after yesterday, the people in Belgium felt United and the whole world felt the shock of the aftermath in the wake of the terror attack that shocked the world.

It is believed that security services in Belgium have been stepped up dramatically and many solutions will be offered in the coming days. The ECIPS said that it has compiled the solutions list that will bring a change rapidly and swiftly with public support.

The message of the ECIPS President is clear and wide that it’s a time for unification and commonality among all Europeans. His last words at the press statement was  ” We Europeans shall stand together, unite as one and follow our path in unification of what we stand for in the continuing efforts to promote a society born in democracy, liberty, freedom and justice for all hash tag  UniteEurope ! ”

By J Carter World News Bruxelles. WWW.WORLDNEWSTOMORROW.COM

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