WORLD NEWS TOMORROW : The ECIPS and CYBERPOL recently adopted the use of the Evolis (ID) system to avoid any unauthorized public copying the CYBERPOL identification tags. Several organizations have recognized the important use of the Evolis Technology in recent month in the field of safety and security.

Today fraudsters can copy and make almost any identification ID card, but the newly developed encoded and very secure cards for applications such as national identification cards (eID) by Evolis remains revolutionary and makes it difficult to copy any such identification. A must for law- enforcement and Border Security.

The President Ricardo Baretzky of ECIPS, said that this technology has been implemented due to the fact that there are many whom pretend to be on the ECIPS and CYBERPOL ORGANIZATIONS and, in future, they have to produce their legal issued identification card (ID).He further added and said that it’s the only way to distinguish between CYBERPOL officials and those who are not.Evolis has successfully developed recognized expertise in the field of safety and security with identification card customization and tailor-made printing systems, especially for governmental and para-governmental projects and users.

Evolis Solutions allows the issuing of immediately personalized encoded and very secure identification cards for every type of applications such as national identification cards (eID). Driver’s licenses (eDL). Voter cards, health insurance cards, high secure identification and access control cards that are almost impossible to fake or copy. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees recently implemented the same technology for Refugee ID cards issued in Yemen and hopefully the same system would be used for the Refugee crises management in Europe soon.

At present, the DGAC, the French Civil Aviation Authority of France implemented the same technology and had an excellent success rate in the reduction of risks in their access control and identification management program. The significant difference in the Evolis Solution lay with several level of security implemented during the printing of such identification. The technology caters specifically to the growing need for security and fraud control.  The technology benefit from high level encoding options and can integrate different personalized high security features in order to prevent all attempts to falsify the cards.

The President of ECIPS said that this technology will ensure that any copying of a CYBERPOL identification becomes practically impossible and will give its audience the surety that the bearer of CYBERPOL ID is indeed the real deal and can be trusted at all times.  He urges all border authorities to consider the implementation for this technology for future as it will bring stability in trust to officers that represent migration issues. The CYBERPOL International Cyber Security Summit was held on 17th-18th November 2015 in Brussels, Belgium. The sucess story can be found on…

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