World News Tomorrow – US Elections

There is not a single event in the world that gets this much attention as the Presidential Elections in the US. Ask a person the main characters playing in the US Elections and most of them will tell you either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Ask any person the name of the Spanish President of the Government and you’ll be lucky answers you:”Mariano Rajoy”.

If there is any event filling social media and spending fortunes on people marketing the US Elections is the main course of action. with a staggering $ 2.1 billion to spend it is clear why we hear from them and much less from Mariano Rajoy or any other head member of state in that respect.

Today is E-day for the US and people are suppose to vote their 45th president. The choice between a Woman and a man. On the cutting edge of politics or street smart? Appealing for being in control of emotions with clear do-able goals or the show man whose new ways of speaking, ground shifting ambitions and street wise actions?

the difference in this election with previous ones is the role the US will play globally. The global scene has changed dramatically during the Obama administration and the Presidential Candidate inheriting the post of President will be confronted with a world turned to Chaos for the bigger part.

For those outside the US the candidate’s position is filled with questions, mystery fears and surprises. To exemplate the differences, here two short lists on the China issues:

Hillary Clinton
Increase cooperation with China in areas of common interest
Reinforce alliances in the Asia-Pacific, including with Japan and South Korea
Ratchet up the U.S. deterrent against Chinese cyber attacks
Take a stronger stance against China’s human rights record

Donald Trump.
Increase U.S. military presence in and around the South China Sea
Investigate and punish China for unfair trade practices
Designate China a currency manipulator
Ratchet up the U.S. deterrent against Chinese cyber attacks

One of the few remarkable statements from Donald Trump are about the wall dividing Mexico with the US, about NATO being outdated and not per definition willing to come to Europe’s rescue if called upon.

From Hillary Clinton what remains is the email-gate and her husbands past as former president of the United States. What’s even more remarkable are the “fact-check” websites. Statements of both candidates are checked on true or not-true and despite many of them being reliably true, it is fun to browse through.

It should be relatively easy to find a preferred candidate. The Candidates are distinctive in almost every possible way. With Hillary Clinton it appears you will choose an United States that wants to strengthen it ties with allies and stands behind existing deals. Where possible finds solutions through cooperation on humanitarian subjects and most of her plans and statements are meant to improve the country’s position now and in the future.

With Donald Trump, you will see radical plans changing internal and external politics, renewing or even skipping existing deals, pressing on defense presence and taking a hard stand in almost every possible humanitarian subject on the table. it is difficult to envision a future where the US under Donald Trump is the ally to count on in time of trouble.

Both candidates have their issues haunting them. From porn tapes to email gate. Every possible angle has been exposed to discredit the other candidate. Ending up in a equally leveled playing field for both candidates on the day of the elections.

We do wish the people of the United States wisdom in making their choice today.

By Editor in Chief