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World News Tomorrow – Election News

With 265 against 218 votes Donald Trump beats Hillary Clinton in the race to the White House. AS at this right moment we are listening to the speech of Donald Trump we hear him congratulating Hillary Clinton for her fight that according to Donald Trump was a nasty and difficult one.

But he stated that it was not a campaign but a movement. A movement to make America great again.

The promise to make America great again has made the people to vote for him in almost all major states. At this very moment Donald Trump is thanking all competitors in the race that campaigned against him. Some of them being there whilst he is thanking them personally.

An important part of his campaign is his support to the veterans who until now always were forgotten. He will take care of them and thanks them for what they had done for the country.

Donald Trump’s is stating he looks for unity and cooperation with every nation that wants cooperation with the United States. Wanting to rebuild America’s infrastructure putting millions of people to work again. Not wanting to put to waste people’s talents.

He also thanks the Secret service for the work they have been doing for him and the American people. Ending his speech promising he will do the best job he can and people will be proud to work for him again and he loves America.

We wish the 45th president of America wisdom in his choices and prosperity to the World with Donald Trump as president.

By Editor in Chief

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