WORLD NEWS TOMORROW – HONG KONG: Dear Ladies, You should all saddle up and ask your gentleman,  Is my Diamond the REAL DEAL ? Two years ago DiaLab forensic laboratories in South Africa alerted the public to the CVD and PECVD synthetic diamonds in the public circulation and diamond wholesale markets. They warned that this would pose the largest threat to the diamond industry in the future to come. DiaLab Forensic laboratories were widely discredited by the diamond board of South Africa and subsequently  were silenced by the diamond industry.

Now two years on, this alert have cropped up once again.  The World Federation of Diamond Bourses in Antwerp issued a press release limited to its members only on Monday alerting  the Industry of the CVD synthetics in circulation.

Moral or ethical, either way it seems that nobody wants anybody to speak out. We can whisper  that “Nobody knows ” or should we rather say “Everybody knows”   What took the Diamond industry two years to pay attention ?  More importantly, the alerts is not supposed to be to public’s ears as it would “scare”  the consumers’ confidence according to the Diamond Industry. Perhaps its time we all ask,  Where is the Ethics in all of this ?

A mixture of natural and synthetic diamonds.
A mixture of natural and synthetic diamonds.

WORLD NEWS TOMORROW thus decided to investigate for itself and found that the Diamonds Federation have only notified their members and no press alert were issued to the public.  Speaking of ethics it should then just be ethical to notify the public as well.

How is these CVD synthetics detected ? Not easily as most labs’ has only a 60% change to detect them. They come in white blue, colorless and all the rainbow colors of the world. A Liz Taylor fairytale diamonds shopping spree one could say,

DiaLab  Forensic Laboratories invented the first patents for the quality assurance QA of diamonds that were granted by WIPO international patents office during 2011.  During WNT investigation it was discovered that Asia is the largest consumer of diamonds and as much as 60 % of the world consumption is in china and the Asian markets. WNT decided to contact some labs in Hong Kong and China. It turned out that none of them were allered of these synthetics in the markets.

Exclusive for WNT – NEWS by Kevin Brenan Hong Kong.