WORLD NEWS TOMORROW – USA: The Obama administration is taking significant risks in sitting on recent negotiations with Iran that could bring an end to American sanctions on Iran’s central bank and bring about a lifting of current UN sanctions by spring 2013.

In secret negotiations confirmed by official sources in the EU, the US has received assurances that nuclear enrichment in Iran will be curtailed until an agreement can be reached that is acceptable to Israel and the Netanyahu government. privately  all parties admit that this is a “win-win” situation with Netanyahu looking “statesmanlike” while, if all parties agree to time their actions in accordance with the Israeli and American election cycles, the issue of Iran can be put away.

With deterioration in Afghanistan, increased Russian influence in Iraq and Pakistan and terrorism spreading across Central Africa, the potential gain from confrontations with Iran are negligible.Iran has bolstered its international standing through its leadership position with the Non-Aligned Movement, it’s new alliance with Azerbaijan, supplanting Israel there, the new government in Georgia and the recent visit by Iran’s foreign minister to Iraq.

Conversely, Iran’s media outlets to the west have been blocked through a combination of Israeli influence and hacking of satellite channels, Lebanon’s Shiite media similarly silenced and relative control of all mainstream world media has been achieved in a matter of days.Earlier today, a car bomb in Beirut killed nearly 80, in what is believed the first stage of a conflict to isolate Hezbollah and place additional pressure on Syria.

Also, from Syria, come reports of advanced shoulder mounted air defense equipment being distributed to rebel armies, assuring the continuance of that conflict for months to come.What is at risk is a matter of timing. This will not be the first time Iran has become a deciding vote in an American presidential election.In 1980, vice presidential candidate George H.W. Bush flew to Paris to meet with Iranian officials to hold off settlement of the Carter era hostage crisis.

Bush promised Iran advanced US weapons including thousands of TOW missiles, many of which were used in Lebanon against Israel.The missiles used against Israel were actually shipped through Israel by Israel.

Similarly, as part of the deal, profits were invested in setting up narcotics pipelines into the US under the guise of arming “anti-communist” forces in Central America, the foundation of the Romney/Bain and Bush “mega-fortunes.”

By Gordon Duff