WORLD NEWS: Breaking news Budapest reports: CYBERPOL the International Cyber Security Organization, ICSO, charged with Cyber Policing stressed  at the 3rd International World BorderPol Congress (Border-Police ) held in Budapest this week, the immediate need for a coordinated cyber crime management program at borders check points in the fight against cyber-crime.

The  interim acting President of CYBERPOL and the present President of the ECIPS EU, Mr. Ricardo Baretzky,  said at the open session meeting, attended by some 150 delegates including InterPol,  AseanaPol and UK Border Force, that the need for a immediate coordinated cyber crime management program has never been more important than the present. CYBERPOL released the figures indicating that 93% of all computers suffered at least one malware  attack during 2013. CYBERPOL  stressed that cyber crime is on the rise and immediate measures needs to be taken against avoiding a catastrophic cyber attack in the very near future.

Mr. Baretzky stressed the risks of the free WI-FI hot spots at airports opened new national security  threats which could lead to abuse and use by cyber criminals and cyber terrorist to hide their identity and Geo-location during coordinated attacks.

Within hours after the CYBERPOL announcement at the BORDERPOL Congress held in Budapest, the Secretary General of the ICAO,  Mr. Raymond Benjamin announced that the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) recently signed a new cyber security agreement, formalizing their front against cyber-crime and that their common goal is to develop this agreement to work more effectively together in establishing and promote a robust cyber security culture and strategy for the benefit of all actors in our industry.

According to some officials that attended the open session, this is was an “EYE Opener” and perceived as  a “Wake-up call” for all law-enforcement officials to pay attention.  Media was not allowed into the closed sessions of the BORDERPOL congress and can only speculate how important the meetings held in Budapest was.  

Mr. Baretzky declined any public interviews after the closed session with World News and said this is a serious matter for Police only and that all that Cyber criminals should know, is that their days are counted.

Indeed a strong message from CYBERPOL and one that stirred new thoughts among the delegates.  

For World News by James LEE Washington DC.

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