CYBERPOL, The International Cyber Policing Organization General Secretariat announced that cyber crime might have risen by as much as 52% last year. It is noted that data theft and financial crimes are first on the list followed by identity theft, human trafficking, pornographic and sex crimes against children.

The spokesperson also pointed out that major stake holders such a Yahoo and Google are doing very little to mitigate this problem to remove harmful content and are not doing nearly enough to prohibit certain content without adult identity verification.

CYBERPOL, in partnership with Protecting Tomorrow in the USA, is to roll out an international action plan to combat online criminal activity.

In recent month, CYBERPOL has made substantial progress in placing the building blocks necessary for international cooperation that fills the gray area between criminality and technology. Unlike traditional enforcement organizations, CYBERPOL’s main focus is on tracking and monitoring illicit behavior and websites which brings the missing coordination links to be enforced between working parties on a global scale.

Fake social media accounts are rapidly growing and it’s not only the high profile accounts that are a target but everyone who has internet access. It has been warned that many social media accounts are fake and driving identity theft at a unprecedented rate.

It is believed that the CYBERPOL action plan is to include the enforcement of an online identity to be used that will make it easier to verify the real accounts from the fake ones.

It also warned that major public players need to come to the table as many of their high value numbers that get listed on the stock markets are not accurate and can be proven with the recent data leaks monitored by the CYBERPOL CIB team.

Law firms say that companies could be held liable in the future and might not be able to mitigate the ever increasing risk as in the past with federal services.

Essentially this could mean that large corporations could face more rigorous prosecution should the subjects fail to implement regulatory and proper cyber polices. CYBERPOL recently signed and cooperation for the first CYBERPOL Security Operations Center to open in the USA in partnership with Protecting Tomorrow supporting public and private sector services.

By CYBERPOL Press Office