Dec. 9, 2017 — CyberPOL Probes into “Digital Time Stamping Processing”

The CyperPOL organization announced today its first global corruption inquiry into the use of, what is known to be the ” Digital Time Stamping Processing ” on all digital electronics.

The Digital Time Stamp Processing to authenticate intentional evidence of any digital content can be faked today, CyberPOL spokesmen said. We need intentional evidence to provide a trust anchor for all attachable commerce globally and to ensure that corruption with Digital Time Stamp Processing use is minimized effectively.

The corruption case was mandated to CYBERPOL Watchdog by the lawful owners of the IPO on the Digital Time Stamping Processing that currently is installed on all digital devices manufactured, essentially acting as a time stamp for all digital forensics and banking transactions around the world which also aids terror financial transactions.

In essence this could mean that your current electronic devices carrying the timestamp could be null and voided by International and Islamic laws. You are advised to raise your concerns with your national providers. The selection of the global forensic team is currently on the way and it is expected that one of the compliance investigators is a former J P Morgan Vice President and head of the compliance division.

The President Ricardo Baretzky said that ” It’s our moral obligation to root out all corruption in particularly when so much cyber crime is at risks of being neglected due to such revelations of today ! ”

The names of the International Compliance Team will be released soon.

Press Office.