CYBERPOL LinkedIn Cyber Crime Alert Warns Public of Data Theft and Tracking by LinkedIn Social media app.

CYBERPOL The International Cyber Policing Established by Decree WL 22/16.595 warns public of the use of LinkedIn apps that are gathering private information about your location and whereabouts. The use of social media such as LinkedIn is damaging too many firms and often results into public reputation damage when innocent accounts are blocked or locked by LinkedIn Gestapo. CYBERPOL is currently investigating the GDPR breach by LinkedIn and public are warned to think twice before using LinkedIn apps on their phones as every location is being tracked and all free accounts data are sold forming dangerous and ambiguous profiles of public citizens around the globe.

CYBERPOL Cyber Policing Organization said that public should never send their official federal issued IDs or Driver’s Licenses to any social media platform for identity verification such as LinkedIn. Public are warned that social media are not capable to deliver such a free service, and that your ID is private property that should not be shared with any social media platforms other than official governments or organizations mandated to verify your identity.  After recent LinkedIn data breaches, it has become apparent that many people’s IDs, including high profiled people such as Ban Ki-Moon  were stolen and used by scammers. President Ricardo Baretzky of CYBERPOL said:

” LinkedIn is not a registered intelligence agency and are breaking the International INFOSEC Rules and USA laws, but more importantly, is adding Russian and foreign spies by the use of the platform.”

It’s believed there are over 6000 Spies working in Belgium detected on LinkedIn in recent month by the CIB Red SoC observation team. CYBERPOL is in process to prepare a prosecution against LinkedIn for violations of private data and ID scams.

By: CYBERPOL The International Cyber Policing Org.
Aug. 23, 2020 – PRLog — CYBERPOL LinkedIn Cyber Crime Alert Warns Public of Data Theft and Tracking by LinkedIn Social media app.

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