Breaking News British News Agency London: CYBERPOL said today, that IT estimates, that as much as four point six (4.6) Billion breached emails and passwords are “Out There” floating in the dark web, based on cyber breaches that surfaced from 2013 to date. IT warned, that cyber attacks are on the global rise, and that corporations need to pay attention to avoid accountability by the rules of data protection out there. One of the largest such data breaches appeared during 2016 on the link that was later taken down by unknown sources almost one year later. The contained the worlds six largest data breached sets including,Yahoo, LinkedIn and Myspace breaches.

Last month, the head of CyberPol Red SoC Principal Mr. Shehab Najjar, pointed out at the conference organized by the Kaspersky Lab in Vienna, in Austria, that the public is most likely vulnerable to “Ransomware” today and that it very well forms part of a Cyber Terror risks today. Such has proven correct, just one week later, the Ransomware WannaCry infected an estimated 220 000 computers, whilst as many as 1,8 Million computers, according, to the statistical research, might already be infected, but not surfaced as yet.

These alarming trends were warned against three years ago by the global cyber terror expert Mr. Ricardo Baretzky at the World Borderpol Congress during the closed workshops for federal services and, also mentioned first at Global African Terrorism Summit held in London during February in 2014.

“Deaf Ears” one might say, but factually, the present risks were simply not unknown to many at the time, and could come as a huge financial surprise to the corporations of tomorrow. CyberPol urged that we need to realize a global QA (Quality Assurance) set of rules that forms part of an “International Cyber Identity Protocol” in order to enable an effective identification to mitigate any global cyber risks and threats to the global cyber infrastructure of tomorrow.

IT said that most likely, few will sign up to any treaty proposed, but nobody can object to set of rules to abide by in such protocol in which, effectively will not influence any authority, but assist on enhancing their capability into effective cyber risk management of mitigation on a global scale. CyberPol released the first CyberBoK cyber set of rules identifies the definition of cyber crime during 2015 which is today widely accepted by most cyber authorities and experts around the globe.

CyberPol said IT will invite all parties who support such “International Cyber Identity Protocol” for global stabilization on cyber risk mitigation and to join forces in the signature of such Protocol, presently in preparation by its legal team. The date has not been set yet, but should be announced latest during 2018. CYBERPOL recently moved their HQ to the USA, announced by Secretary-General of the Organization.

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