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CYBERPOL, The International Cyber Policing Organisation, recently moved its HQ (Head Quarters) back to the United Kingdom. This comes after much political pressure and a degree of confusion in Brussels resulting from a drive towards what would have amounted to a conflicting between national and international laws which are contrary to CYBERPOL and the community who’s interests it serves. Cyberpol is a not for profit organisation operating in the public interest internationally under Treaty 124 of the Council of Europe and by Royal Decre

Industry commentators and experts welcomed the decision taken by the General Assembly following the “BREXIT” vote for CYBERPOL and ECIPS to return to its roots in the UK.

In recent months CYBERPOL has received endorsements from major international players including recognised firms such as the Ascot Barclay Group and cyber security specialists.

CYBERPOL has, in addition, received much support from law-enforcement agencies active in the international cyber security landscape and in particular those who recognise and have a need for cross border collaboration in the support of their fight against organised Cyber Crime and online fraudsters.

ECIPS, the European Centre for Information Policy was a co-founding body for the establishment of CYBERPOL and was first recognised by Royal Decree in Belgium as an international not for profit organisation in July 2015, under reference A.I.S.B.L.c76393_0a63ac6e38d14f1cad06dcb918166243~mv2

The President of CYBERPOL, Mr. Ricardo Baretzky has advised that following the move back to the UK, the door remains open for all countries internationally along with EU member states to join CYBERPOL in its quest to make the Internet a safer environment for all.

The newly appointed Secretary General of CYBERPOL Mr. Jay McGowan informed media sources that CYBERPOL is on track to become a significant force, with applications to join increasing as the organisations reputation and objectives become main stream.

“The need for cross boarder collaboration in the fight against the ever growing risk and level of sophistication deployed by online adversaries requires a coordinated effort, CYBERPOL provides a vehicle to make this happen” Mike Loginov C|CISO, CEO Ascot Barclay Group.

The European Centre for Information Policy and Security ECIPS co-hosted the very first International CYBERPOL Cyber Security Summit in Brussels on the 17th and 18th November 2015. The event received much attention and was attended by several officials from the international community. CYBERPOL continues to grow steadily with official representatives now across eight countries; including the Unites States, United Kingdom, Denmark, Africa, Hungary and Italy.

Press Release GENERAL SECRETARIAT CYBERPOL https://www.prlog.org/12584168-cyberpol-ecips-moves-hq-back-to-united-kingdom-following-general-assembly-in-light-of-brexit.html

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