WORLD NEWS BREAKING NEWS TODAY The European Centre for Information Policy and Security (ECIPS) announced yesterday that it will be holding the first international CYBERPOL CYBER SECURITY SUMMIT next month in Bruxelles , Belgium. The event is to bring together specialists from around the world to discuss the growing threats such as Cyber Terrorism and Cyber Hacking that affects both governments and corporations internationally.

The Global CyberPol Cyber Security Summit 2015 program will investigate the present growing cyber threats against government departments, corporations and commercial organizations, as well as highlight the challenges and solutions for organizations to consider as part of their overall cyber security strategy, in order to find solutions and work together towards the international cyber resilience alliance program of CYBERPOL.

This year 2015 marked several major international cyber incidents including that of banks and governments that were hacked during the World’s Biggest Data Breaches that occurred. The President of ECIPS is expected to make an announcement during the scheduled press conference taking place on the second day of the event at 4 pm.  The Cyberpol Cyber Security Summit 2015 is to bring together all organizations, private and public, who wish to participate and focus on the finding of pragmatic solutions and the development of the CyberBoK, the cyber body of knowledge that was established by CYBERPOL during 2014.


• Mr. Raymond Kendall, The 6th Secretary General, INTERPOL
• Dr. (Dott.) Luigi Gallina, Vice President of ECIPS
• Prof. Francisco Jorge Gonçalves is Coordinator of the Cabinet for the Planning and Technical Support of Material Resources/ Portuguese National Authority for Civil Protection/Ministry of Internal Affairs/Portugal. Guest Teacher in Open University/Portugal
• Dott. Antonio Albanese,  AGC  Communications (former NATO Command)
• Mr. Joe Shenouda, CYBERPOL Team SIEM /NGIPS/IDS – Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System/Intrusion Detection  System
• Prof. Cláudio Lucena, Dean, Law Faculty, Paraíba State University, ICT Law ECIPS Official.
• Prof. David Benford MSc,
• Mr. Simon Fordham, Chairman, International Cyber Security Protection Alliance (ICSPA)
• Daniel J. Maloney,Public Policy, Law and Security Executive Director, Deputy CSO – Verizon Corporate Security
• Mike Loginov Vice Chairman The Coventry University MBA Cyber Security. COO ISSA UK. C|CISO FRSA Global Cyber Security Strategist
• Paul C Dwyer, President of ICTTF and CEO at Cyber Risk International.
• Geert Delrue, AML/CFT Expert – Law Enforcement Belgium
• ABP Systems
• Ricardo Baretzky President ECIPS
More information can be found on the ECIPS ( and CYBERPOL ( website or the booking page on link.

Press members must confirm to get a free press pass for the two day event to:

The event is sponsored by ABP Systems BVBA



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