World News: The European Centre for Information Policy and Security (ECIPS) the drive force behind CYBERPOL has work since 2013 in the materializing and recognition of a CYBERPOL. The International Cyber Policing Organization abbreviated CYBERPOL was granted Recognition as an international organization by Royal Decree in Belgium.

The agreed Head Quarters of the new CYBERPOL is to be located according to Article 1 of the Decree, in Antwerp, Belgium to remain the main location within the European Union. The ECIPS who was the international organizational initiation body of the CYBERPOL program and legally acquired IPO during 2014 together with its seniority rights have been the main driving force behind the CYBERPOL program. This secured the position of the CYBERPOL institution located and indefinitely will be hosted within the European Union. This was made possible with the support of ECIPS and several other international law-enforcement agencies with an extensive lobbying process during the last few years.

ECIPS was established in office by Royal Decree  the 14th of June 2015 in terms of the Act of 27th June on the International Organisations and Foundations it paves the way for a well needed overdue CYBERPOL program. Many don’t seem to be supportive of this idea however ECIPS still remains the legal IPO holder of the CYBERPOL brand which leave the competitors  with very little choice to come to their senses and work with ECIPS as a whole. Cyber criminals should be aware that their days might be counted for good and that CYBERPOL has become a reality, it has arrived and CYPERPOL is here officially. It is predicted that the CYBERPOL Agency could outlast most other international agencies due to its futuristic name and its Statutory Royal Decree that makes it impossible for the International Policing Organization to be dismantled by any outsiders or political influences.

The official elected President of ECIPS, Mr. Ricardo Baretzky, also the current elected interim President of CYBERPOL, said that cyber criminals should know that their future is short and amnesty won’t count in the new laws to come proposed by the European Centre for Information Policy and Security (ECIPS). He pointed out that several organizations presently using the name of CYBERPOL illegally and those who do, should know that it will have dire consequences in the future when involved in the illegal use of the CYBERPOL IPO name.

Several critics from the CYBER Law-enforcement welcomed the decision said that this is a step in the right direction to fight international cyber crime. The International crime figures shows that more than 53% of all internet transactions could be involved in some kind of cyber crime and that computer hacking is on the sharp rise since 2014. The President would not comment much and said that everybody has to wait for the official public press conference scheduled in late November 2015 to be held in Brussels, Belgium.

Baretzky urged all law-enforcement agencies to work together and said during his short interview with Media: “Dear Colleagues, Law-enforcement officers and cyber crime investigative units. We have waited long for this day to arrive and now is the time to proceed with a proper international coordinated cyber crime prevention programs to clean up the web, as fast and swiftly as possible before the quantum age arrive, already at our doorstep.” The fact that this was the first independent initiative to establish and program of such kind should be welcomed by many according to several experts.

Certainly a wake-up call for cyber criminals. The CYBERPOL website has been constantly subjected to cyber attacks since last month with an average of 240 000 cyber attacks per day logged onto the website.

By James Lee IFJ federation journalist correspondent for ECIPS.


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