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On the 15th of November the top500 supercomputer list event will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah USA. It started as a list of the most powerful supercomputers in the world and has evolved to a major source of information about trends in HPC (High Performance Computing).

China currently maintains its number one position with its fastest computer in the world during the 47th edition of the TOP500 list in June this year. Managing to maintain it with using solely Chinese processors they prove to be able to compete at the highest levels without any processor components from outside China. Their system is called Sunway Taihulight.

With a LINPACK benchmark rating at 93 petaflops (93 trillion calculations per second) it is nearly three times as fast as the previous record holder, the Chinese Tianhe-2 with 34 petaflops.

China did not have a ranking in the list with a +30 system 10 years ago and now they reach out to the almost 100 it shows how incredibly fast China is moving in the world of computing and technology.

With the kind of development demonstrated by the SUNWAY TAIHULIGHT it becomes clear that we still can expect radical changes in computer design, speeds and processing power in the near future.

It will be interesting to see what the TOP500 in Salt Lake City will offer in terms of developments in the world of HPC.

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