WORLD NEWS TOMORROW – CHINA-  Intelligence sources indicated today that Chine might have bended under US pressure and reconsiders its support towards North Korea. Although it is unclear to what extend this might be, its certain the China will not favor North Korea in any war against the USA.

Speculation has it that the Chinese economy might be at stake with unpredicted economical warfare should and,  if they continue to support the North Korean peninsula. The Intelligence  Network made it prominent that all is at stake and that the economical leverage has stringent effects on China and thus cannot continue its position should North Korea react against South Korea. Sources also indicated that China trade relations with South Korean trade has increased by more that 300%  in recent month.

The sources further indicates that Russia will stand by its position towards North Korea should anything go wrong and thus a catch 22 situation has possibly been reached to keep a temporally standoff  on both ends on conflict. Is this only temporally or is this doomed for explosion ? Either way, this might be the worst tension the world governments have experienced since 1937 and could perhaps play out very different from what people say or think.

For now, we have to see how China, the “Paper Dragon” expands its views and what sides they will play their position on, to keep peace within the Asian specific regions.

Exclusive for world news tomorrow by James Lee.



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