SOUTH AFRICA- WORLD NEWS TOMORROW: The governments trademarks office of South Africa have approved the Quality Assurance mark  Certified Authenticated Mineral Specimen (CAMS) to the independent “CAMS” regulator last month. The Chairman Baron Baretzky have welcomed the decision and said that such Quality assurance is long overdue in Africa.The QA mark originally applied for by  Von Seidel attorneys were a huge success as this is the first mineral QA for Africa that has been approved.

The QA rules and regulations are seeking at the same time a new bill to avoid exploitation of South African mineral by foreign countries. The new regulator intend to enforce the rules and regulations from beginning  Jan 2013 and are seeking major players to assists in the quality controlee of the certification system.

The diamond laboratories in South Africa are most likely to face the largest scrutiny as the certification mark is specifically aimed at the control of diamonds certification in both rough and polished to root out corruption and illegal diamonds for arms trade in Africa.  The legal department of CAMS told  WNT News that the CAMS-Regulator will now proceed the proposed bill to protect the mineral in due course. No further information were provided as to when this will take place.

By Kevin Brenan Exclusive for  WORLD NEWS TOMORROW:

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