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What has become Europe’s symbol of the refugee crisis is now to end on Monday according to French officials.
This camp, near the port of Calais, is housing between 7000 to 10000 refugees, living there in pour conditions. Most of the refugees will be relocated to 164 centers all over France.

the French minister of Interior, Bernard Cazeneuve, and Emmanuelle Cosse, Minister of Housing and sustainable Habitat both declared in a letter on the 18th of October to start the procedure of dismantling the camp sustained by the decision of the Administrative Tribunal of Lille.

80 students from the camp will be joining the university campus de Villeneuve-d’Ascq after following an intensive French language training after initial formation.

Since the beginning of this year over 1700 people have been removed from the camp and sent outside French territories. According to a press release on the 18th of October these people had no rights to asylum in France.

One of the main problems are the human traffickers and their efforts to get refugees to cross the channel to Britain. in May this year a severe clash between rivaling traffickers and migrants caused a massive brawl over disputed trafficking routes into the UK. The results: over 40 refugees injured and many shelters were burned.



Using Lorries and small boats the trafficers get up to 10.000 euro in return for a “guaranteed” safe passage.

Calais refugee camp is the most famous one but it is one of many others.

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