World News Tomorrow #Brexit Theresa May has called for “urgency” from EU leaders on the issue of citizens’ rights after Brexit – and said “concrete progress” was being made in negotiations so far.

Arriving at a key summit in Brussels, the PM also promised “continued cooperation” on defence and security.

Earlier she sought to reassure EU citizens living in the UK about Brexit.

Campaigners welcomed her message but said it seemed more aimed at persuading the EU to progress Brexit talks.

Mrs May will address EU leaders at the summit later.

The leaders of the other 27 member states will then consider the overall progress in the talks so far.

At a meeting on Friday, at which the UK will not be present, they are expected to conclude officially that “insufficient progress” has been made on the first topics for discussion to move onto the second phase of trade discussions.

Mrs May spoke of her desire for a future partnership with the EU as she arrived in Brussels.

“At the heart of that remains cooperation on the key issues and dealing with the shared challenges that we face,” she said.

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She added: “We’ll also be looking at the concrete progress that has been made in our exit negotiations and setting out ambitious plans for the weeks ahead. I particularly, for example, want to see an urgency in reaching an agreement on citizens rights.”

European Council President Donald Tusk has said there will be no “breakthrough” at the two-day summit, but progress could be achieved by the next scheduled meeting of EU leaders in December.

As well as citizens’ rights, agreement has yet to be reached on the UK’s financial obligations to the EU and the border in Northern Ireland.

Before leaving for Brussels, Mrs May used a Facebook post to offer further assurances to the three million or so nationals of other EU countries living in the UK and uncertain about their future after Brexit.

In her message, she said those who already had permanent residence would be able to “swap this” for settled status in as hassle-free a way as possible.