Breaking News: Renowned International Terror Expert Instructs South African Attorney to file lawsuit against South African News Papers Rapport, Huisgenoot and its reporters.

The renowned International Terror Expert Mr. Ricardo Baretzky, instructed advocate Mr. Sizwe Snail Ka Mtuze, Director from Snail Attorneys South Africa to file a law suit against the Rapport South African newspaper for deliberate attempts to smatter his name by publishing defamatory remarks last week in the National Newspaper, the Rapport of South Africa, this after Mr. Baretzky questioned the Standard Bank in their motives of illegally closing his personal accounts during 2013 while he was abroad in Europe, which subsequently led to the present court case for attaching his property in Gordon’s Bay, South Africa.

This comes after a “Non-Registered” international reporter Mr. Julian Jansen published remarks that had no bearing on the matter and more importantly, appeared that the publication was with intent to affect the political position of the President of ECIPS on international level, whom has been probing into links of South African Banks related to Terror for many years in Africa.

This despite the fact that the newspaper were urged not to proceed a week prior ignored by the Editor Mr. Waldimar Pelser in an email sent to him. On second attempt, emails were sent by a certain Madam Charlea Sieberhagen, a Journalist from Media24 Tydskrifte, Huisgenoot Magazines whom sent several emails to the ECIPS and several of its members with attached questions such as:

“As I understand, you owe Standard Bank about R33 million. Will you apply to appeal the verdict? If so, why do you feel it is necessary to appeal the verdict?” It’s noteworthy to note that whilst the bond is only Euro 250 000 outstanding, approximately R3.3 Million, the property is valued at over €1.2 million (approximately R12 Million) to replace at this point and time as valued by Seeff properties, the largest estate agents in South Africa.

Who would leave a house valued more than four times than the outstanding bank loan to a bank, and which type of bank will try to auction a house worth €1.2 million for no reserve on it? Should there not be some kind of basic protection for property owners in South Africa that if they invest huge funds that the Banks cannot exploit their remaining investments?

Official testimonies from several witnesses taken by South African Police was sent to Standard Bank during 2013 which led to the closure of the accounts abruptly ordered by Mr. Joop Dekker, manager of Standard Bank South Africa after dismissing the investigation request from the Baretzky family into corruption and exploitation of High Net Worth Individuals by employers of the Bank Clients Claremont branch dedicated to High Net Worth Individuals.

The same whiteness statements were provided to the Rapport Newspaper prior to their first publication, which strongly indicates that the Bank manger at the time of Standard Bank Private Clients Claremont branch dedicated only for High Net Worth Individuals attempted to lure Mr. Baretzky and several other parties into debt with its property scam at Burgandary Estate which later failed and cost many investors millions in investments leaving several people with bonds they should have never had in the first place.

Official records shows the Baretzky’s had no prior bond on any of their properties and was well situated in the banks clientele. Official bank records shows clearly that several recommendations were issued as high standing client at the bank since 2003 even leading up to few months before refusal of the bank to investigate criminal activities inside the bank.
The lawyer- advocate Mr. Sizwe Snail Ka Mtuze, Director from Snail Attorneys described the latest question of the Huisgennot as “Invasive” in a letter sent on Saturday to Madam Charlea Sieberhagen stating: “Madam, Our client is represented in this matter in Court. Save to say that some of your questions are extremely invasive and inappropriate”

Further investigation shows that the Rapport Newspaper and company Media 24 in South Africa has potential Post-Anti-Semitic German links stretching back for decades, and one cannot help but to wonder if this is not playing a role in the publishing defamatory remarks or attempted Coup against the President of the ECIPS.

Standard Bank has been linked in the past to terror activities by hosting and opening bank accounts for terrorist organization including providing loans to the White Widow aka Samantha Lewthwaite, the most wanted female Al Shabaab terrorist in the world whom travelled on a forged South African passport produced by local terror group linked in Pakistan.

Official records show that the White Widow Samantha Lewthwaite 400 has murdered over 400 people after becoming a key figure in jihadist terror group al Shabaab during the time. In February 2012, Standard Bank wrote off an amount of nearly R30,000 that she apparently owed on her Mastercard used for funding terror plots.

In a publication on the 2001-09-27 by Media24 Magazines topic heading ‘SA bank denies Bin Laden links” now proof to be wrong, as surfaced documentation SRK Report no. 243513-1 Grasdrif and Caerwinning Part 1 and 2 dated 1997 pre 911 USA terror attacks, clearly indicates the links between the Saudi Binladin Group on the projects of Global Diamond Resources INC well documented by Steffen Robertson and Kirsten CE Pry Limited South Africa.

The Sudanese Al Shamal Islamic Bank acted as a front for the militant Islamic leader, Osama Bin Laden using Saudi Bin laden Group at the time in the purchase of a diamond mines in the name of Global Diamond Resources INC. Investigation showed that the mines never produced any real huge quantities of diamonds and served as a possible money laundering plant front whilst several million US Dollars went through the company, estimated about 7 USD million to be exact.

A source said that during 2012 advocate Harry Rich introduced by Dan Plato, Minister of Safety and security offered the mines for sale to them and have documented proof thereof. One can’t help but to ask how these links are linked to the Bin Laden’s history of 911.The Standard Bank accounts were shortly after closed.

This follows statements by Senator Carl Levin, a Democrat representing Michigan in the Senate, in which he named the Al Shamal Islamic Bank that has been under Bin Laden’s control since 1991.

“Al Shamal has many correspondents worldwide. On its website it names among its correspondents the German Commerz Bank, American Express Bank in London and Standard Bank in South Africa.

Mr. Baretzky said that the banks was fully aware of his profession and above all, recommendations from the Minister Dan Plato himself confirms that Baetzky was an official advisor for the government on Terror and it is well referenced today, not forgetting the official recommendation issued by members of Parliament for his contribution in fighting terrorism in Africa.

Subsequently, they returned after an attempt was made on Mr. Baretzky’s life at the house in Gordon’s Bay documented by Mr. Julian Bosser whom was working for NIA at the time and assigned to the protection of the family since 2005.

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