WORLD NEWS TOMORROW – Brazil reports – Stealth is the key but services are in the deepest cover and whether CYROPOL are working with the Brazilians or not, listening were never more important than now.

According to security experts, the Brazilian authorities are teething about their current plan in view of the world cup to follow. CYROPOL (CYRO-Police) were recently acquired by CYBERPOL in the UK, a twin organization of European Centre for Information Policy and Security (ECIPS)

Information has been revealed in recent weeks from reporting agents in the Brazil media, coupled with conversations with top federal and state public security officials that Brazil desperately faces security issues and it needs to be step-up to facilitate the coming world cup. The ” IN THE NOW ” cyber technology  seems to spring demands and that is just the beginning of the global information quest.

CYBERPOL aims to provides just such training, technological backup and assistance. It is predicted that this could make a huge difference in the security threats posed to Brazilian cyber space during and prior to the world cup to follow. One reporter reported that Brazilian airports are using poorly staged security screening systems and it is believed that this is about to change rapidly with the support of 3D space monitoring technology still in final testing stages of development.

Will Brazil be ready and secured and will CYBERPOL dynamically assist restructuring the security threats presently in stealth mode in the spirit of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ?

By James Lee, New York – for World News Tomorrow exclusively

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