WORLD NEWS TOMORROW CONGO:  A closer look at the DRC reviled some astonishing facts and many concerns about how the war’s has been funded. This comes after WNT-News had a secret interview with an intelligence member that is active withing the financing of the rebel groups of UNITA.

It seems that the smuggling for diamonds for arms is continuing and perpetuation the crime against humanity at large. Its estimated that the Rebel group UNITA is perhaps transporting as much as $1.2 Billion dollars of conflict diamonds annually that ends of in legitimate markets of Israel and the U.S. according to a banker involved with the group.

The African Union aware or not, have not interacted with these illegal trade to prevent it to date and it sparks false promises made by opposition parties to gain control over the territory.

 A 12 year old recruit Terrorist or not ?
A 12 year old recruit Terrorist or not ?

The Congo war is one of the longest mutating wars in the history of Africa  that never seems to end.

Millions of people has died and so far only  a few have been brought to justice by the international criminal court of  Hague. So far, non of the actual people who committed these murders were sentenced or brought to justice as they claimed to have been acting under the orders of higher powers such the notorious warlord MR Charles Taylor.

Is the rumors perhaps true Charles Taylor found his weapons from other resources that lead to his dismissal from the house of politics ?

Slavery in Africa run by Africans
Slavery in Africa run by Africans

The International court has been criticized by many for doing too little and not bringing the  “real murderers” to justice. It seams that this is all done under the name of political correctness of the day. Further scrutiny reveled that many of these criminals is now fighting to be in power themselves hiding behind the umbrella of reform in the  the republics interests.

Many of the people of the DRC lives in fear should they speak up and therefore have become totally silenced about their fate. Its certainly a crime against humanity and needs more exposure according to some of the people in the DRC on the ground.  Lets stop Blood Diamonds is a symbol of idealism as this could never be done without the sacrifice of another countries economical stability such as Israel or America.

For now the criminals has won and laugh all the way to the banks they serve while the International criminal court of  Hague has failed their duties to humanity in the name of being political correct. Does this picture predicts the future of all Africa or does this poses a threat to South Africa the largest Diamond fields in the world ?

Exclusive for World News Tomorrow by John Jones from DRC

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