WORLD NEWS TOMORROW- Washington DC.- Crime Report –  Now it seems that ” Translation Mills ” posing as front companies, could be one of the largest syndicates running money laundering scams on the internet on global scale. When investigating, it was discovered that few knows the rules of what is a legal translation and what is not.

In order to be a sworn translator, the company must do their accreditation with the justice department in the country where they can legally qualify for legal translation in order to make any translation of a legal document. Any legal translation  would be legal useful only for the country’s government accreditation was provided.

During an online undercover investigation, it was discovered that some internet translation companies are posing as legitimated translation firms hiding behind the illusion of and ISO stamp. According to  our investigative journalist, it seems that there might be a whole syndicate of translation companies on the web  posing to be legitimate translation firms. Who knows how safe your information is?

Just imagine you are the United Nations,  a  Government or a CEO of a High-Tech company doing work for the CIA and do just that. Trust a so-called unverified  ISO online  company to translate your official documents. What if  it gets translated in the middle east by some backdoor translators working for Al-Qaida. What security risk would this be ?

According to an  in-depth analysts, it seems that these syndicates can operate with anybody who is willing to work for $14 or less per hour to do illegal translations whatever they are provided. Guapa good for a job online.  Ever wondered how 419 scams came about?  Well think again.

During an deeper investigation it was found that some of the online firms are front companies of whom some had a past in registration in several countries such as the UK and Spain with a backdoor operation stretching back to India and more. Low cost translations or is it ?

Whenever you make a translation make sure it’s  in an official way and only use a legal sworn translator to do the job for all your official documents from your firm and government. Don’t make the “GUAPA” mistake or it might end op not so GUAPA at all ! The CIB said that they are investigating this matter. When searching the web we found this blog-spot that revealed many complains of unpaid translators of which explains experiences of  an interesting nature.

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Exclusive for World News Tomorrow by Kevn Brenan Crime Investigative Jourmalist for WNT news.


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